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HPG hands warehouse to Fringe Festival for free use

HPG are delighted to provide unconditional support both financially and in the provision of an enormous warehouse space at their site in Alexandria.

HPG’s Managing Director, Dr Adrian Liu, said the Sydney Fringe Festival was a natural fit for HPG as it embodies and embraces the very principles which the company will be delivering at its vibrant new precinct at Sydney Park.

“We are at the start of this very dramatic and transformative journey and we’re delighted that an arts festival as much loved and celebrated as the Sydney Fringe Festival is a part of that story,” Mr Liu said.

“This partnership is also allowing us to open our doors and welcome the community in to explore this huge, cavernous space and be a part the transformation which will take place over the coming years.

“By initiating this collaboration, we have established a unique model of utilising otherwise disused development sites for cultural activations during the lengthy development approval process, and I would encourage our developer colleagues to also consider following suit.