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When Collaboration Works!

In September 2016 an idea was hatched; that HPG Australia would make its disused site in Alexandria available to the Sydney Fringe Festival to house their business activities and provide a 7,000sqm warehouse for the 2017 Festival Program, conveniently located in Sydney’s Arts & Culture Inner West.

Previously Sydney Fringe, the largest performance-based Festival held in Sydney each year, relied on pop-up space often of inadequate size to host as many guests as they have liked. Working with both HPG and Sydney Fringe, we set about offering this space at no cost and with an additional financial contribution. The result has been the provision of Fringe’s first dedicated space and the ability to extend an even bigger schedule of events, for the enjoyment of Sydney-siders. As a result of Sydney Fringe using this empty warehouse building, attention is drawn to this unique location. Potentially 13,000 people attending Festival events will visit this Warehouse during September 2017.

Early next year, HPG Australia are planning a transformation of this disused site and will soon commence working with a team of local and internationally-acclaimed Designers and Creative agencies, to establish a new Precinct. Their intention is to enliven this location with an outcome of design excellence, and being part of this journey has been an amazing experience. It shows our authentic approach to development; aligning with community initiatives and aspirations, and a strong ethos to design excellence, can result in best practice outcomes.

The new Precinct, will introduce a remarkable non-obtrusive built form where people can live close to the Arts and Culture opportunities of the Inner West, whilst enjoying a serene Park lifestyle.  www.sydneyparklife.com.au

Special thanks must go to Kerri Glasscock, Sydney Fringe CEO and her team, for their tireless work in achieving this landmark collaboration and providing a platform for Sydney’s talented artists and performers.

It continues to be a pleasure to support the 2017 Sydney Fringe Festival and its awesome team!